10 K


10 K

To receive a starter pack, you need to have following documents:

  • A printed and signed start letter (will be sent via post after successful payment)
  • Identity document that confirms participant’s age (Obligatory for all participants)

Additionally for participants who are under 14 years of age:

  • The original permission from parents to participate in the race.

If you can not independently pick up your starter package, your friend or family member can pick it up for you. 

In order to receive a participant’s package by proxy, it is necessary to have following documents:

  • A copy of the participant's identity card;
  • A letter-exemption from responsibility (will be sent via post after registration) 
  • A statement, signed by a person who has registered for the marathon, in the name of the authorized representative (written in free form).
  • Identity document (passport, driver’s license, etc) of the person, who will be receiving a starter pack.


Important information

  • In case of absence of the identity card, the starting number and the starter pack will not be issued.
  • Only participants ages 14 and older may be submitted to the race (10km). 



 If the start time of any distance changes, the new time will be announced on the website not later than a week before the start. 


Receiving of starter packages

Starter’s packages will be distributed at the sports exhibition "Sport EXPO" from 10:00 till 20:00  at the address of Alchevskikh, 50a, Sports Complex "NTU KhPI"


Starter’s packages will not be distributed on 14 April!

The team of ZHYTLOBUD-1 KHARKIV INTERNATIONAL MARATHON wishes you light feet and a successful race!


Participants will have to overcome one lap.


Pacemaker is an experienced runner who runs the distance together with all participants, but his main task is to set an optimal running speed that will help participants overcome a distance within the time limit.
At the distance of 10 km participants will be led by pacemakers to achieve such results as 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 minutes.

Power points

3 Power points with water, bananas and isotonic drinks are available at the track.

Time limit

Time limit for distance 10km is 1,5 hours. Participants who did not finish within that time have to leave the race and stop the competition.

Participants list


For the distance of 10 km the award is given to winning places 1 through 3 among men and women in absolute championship. The award winners and medalists receive goblets and prizes from our partners.

Information will be added.

cup Men Prize(hrn) Women Prize(hrn)
1 Place 3 000 1 Place 3 000
  2 Place 2 500 2 Place 2 500
  3 Place 2 000 3 Place 2 000
  4 Place 1 700 4 Place 1 700
  5 Place 1 400 5 Place 1 400
  6 Place 1 000 6 Place 1 000
  7 Place 700 7 Place 700
  8 Place 500 8 Place 500