Time shedule


Time shedule

12-13 April, 2019

10:00 – 20:00: Starter’s packages will be distributed at the sports exhibition "Sport Expo" at the address of Alchevskikh, 50a, Sports Complex "NTU KhPI"

14 April, 2019

6:30 – “The starting village” opening (Не знаю, есть ли у вас какое-то определенное название этому)

7:30 -  42km race start and relay race 21*2km start

11:30 - 10 km race start 

13:00 - 4.2 km race start

14:00 - ''Family Run'' race start


Program will be added. 

You should arrive 1 hour before your race start in order to have time to change, leave your belongings at luggage stores, find your race start corridor and do the warm up.