Open Mind Kharkiv
International Marathon


Kharkiv marathon route passes through the main streets and attractions of the city. We thought not only about those who will be able to see the main attractions of the capital on the run. Having conceived this ambitious project - we set out to make a great holiday, which will bring together all the inhabitants of the city. Mainly audience who stand on the side of the road with posters, attributes or just fans with a sincere smile transform a sporting event into the overall celebration. Your presence will help for runners not only to cope with the challenge and reach the finish line, but also to share with you their personal victory. People who have ran a marathon, name this achievement as one of the strongest experiences in the life.
Become a part of an important event in the life of your close person! In any case, we encourage you to come and support everyone, not only those you know. Standing at the roadside you will be able to see professional athletes and amateurs, men and women, young and old, serious and smiling participants. Watching the colourful crowd of marathoners can make you believe that everyone can make their dreams come true, even the most ambitious ones.