29TH APRIL 2018

Open Mind Kharkiv
International Marathon

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Open Mind Kharkiv
International Marathon

Open Mind Kharkiv
International Marathon

Open Mind Kharkiv International Marathon is going to be the most memorable holiday of sport and a healthy lifestyle in 2018. 
The main purpose of the event is to promote running in Ukraine by combining professional runners, amateurs and beginners from across the country.

Two main distances 10k and 42k will pass through the most beautiful places in Kharkiv: on Sumska street, Pushkinska street and on Nauki avenue. Participants will run through the Maxim Gorkiy and Taras Shevchenko parks. They will see spectacular sightseeing of the city: Constitution and Architectorov Squares, "Mirror stream", the Historical Museum, a monument to the mythical founder of the city Cossack Kharko.

First Kharkov Marathon 2014. gathered more than 10 thousand people. Largely due to this event Kharkiv is called as running capital of Ukraine. 
So join us, it will be cool!



Love running?

Set a new personal best with us! We promise first-class friendly atmosphere of sports.

Are you a professional athlete?

Kharkiv marathon attracts the best professional runners from Eastern Europe. Compete with them for the first place!

Don’t know how to start?

You will not for a better opportunity. Finally, put on our sneakers and run your first kilometre! Let into your life the world of sports and health - a world of active, highly motivated individuals!

Started not once, but gave up each time?

Familiar story! Become a part of one of the largest sports community in Eastern Europe. You will get the knowledge and support that will help you become the person you want to be!


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Address of the organizing committee:

61166, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Nauki Avenue 21, office 218

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